Sending your first order is simple! Just head over to and create an account.

Then watch the videos according to the service you would like to order or read the below instructions for an overview:

Album Design -

Culling or Color Correction -

Retouching -

Within your account you will see the ‘Order Services’ and ‘Preferences’ sections. First click on ‘Preferences’ and provide us with your style preferences. There you will see our 3 different color correction options and what each includes within Lightroom

To get more information on how to fill in the 'Preferences' section please check out the forum "How to provide Style Notes/Preferences"

Next you can select which services you would like to place in your cart under 'Order Services' on the lefthand side of your account.

Please note the Color Correction options:
Standard- Uses only LR sliders: Exposure, Contrast, Temperature
Advanced: Uses all of ‘Standard’ sliders in addition: Clarity, Cropping, Highlight detail, Lens Profile Correction, Noise Reduction, Shadow detail, Sharpening, Straightening and Vibrancy
Custom- Uses all of ‘Standard’ and ‘Advanced’ sliders in addition: Finish, Grain and Vignette along with any preset you would like us to use (i.e. VSCO or RED LEAF)

Please note the Retouching options:
A la Carte Retouching- Select desired services within order form and pay at checkout. For orders with images of 1 or 2 people only.
Custom Retouching- When you need adjustments that are not included in the 'A la Carte' or just something different and would like to get a quote for the cost and time completion. (Detailed notes can be provided on order form and all images uploaded). No payment is charged till quote is approved.

Once you have added all services to your cart click 'Checkout.' There you will be able to upload the images/files for your order. Please make sure to upload according to the input file type you selected.

For Example: Input: LR5/6 catalog and Smart Previews. You will select:


You can then paste your Dropbox link containing the LR catalog and Smart Preview folder. 

For orders with RAW, PSD, JPG or PNG files you will select:


You will then be able to directly upload all the files into our uploaded menu.

Or if submitting the files via Dropbox select:


Once all images/files have been uploaded you're all set! 

If there is any issues or corrupt files you will be given an email notification from production.