Getting a quote for retouching services is easy! 

Step 1: Log into your Fotofafa account

Step 2: Under 'Order Services' (on the lefthand side) click 'Custom Retouching

Step 3: Proceed with filling out the order form. Provide all instructions you would like done to the images.

Step 4: After your order has been placed click 'Submit Images' and upload all the images you are getting worked on. Please upload any supporting images if needed (list filenames in the Describe work section of order form).

Step 5: Once all images have been uploaded you're all set! The team will go over your order's instructions and images then contact you (via email) with a quote for: cost and time completion estimate. If you would like to move forward with the order click 'Approved.' Then the payment will be charged and production will move forward. If you do not want to go forward with the order's quote just click 'Reject quote and cancel order.'