To order both culling and color correction services you will need to only do one additional step!

Read the instructions below or check out this quick video:

1) Go ahead and place your order for the culling and color correction services. Please note that the cull down to amount should be the image count you provide for your color correction order. Example:

Culling image count 100, cull to 50.

Color correction order is for 50 (the culled down amount).

2) Go to your shopping cart and make sure all information provided is accurate. (Image counts, file types, etc)

3) Next is that additional step... just click on the blue button ' 'Apply to same images.''


 4) Now you're ready to submit the order!

By clicking on the 'Apply to same images' button you are letting us know to process the culling order first then use those files for the color correction order. This will save time and confusion.