Have images you would like the team to reference for your Color Correction and Retouching orders? Here's how to provide them!

There's a few different ways to provide the reference images depending on how your order's files will be sent:

Color Correction:

  • Orders sending LR Catalog and Smart Previews:

Label any reference image as BLUE within the catalog. If you need to mark the images with a star or different color label due to your already set workflow, just contact us at support@fotofafa.com, letting us know which filter the team should use.

Make sure to mark on your order form: 

  • Orders sending RAW or JPEG files:

Provide us via email (in reply to your order confirmation email or email us at support@fotofafa.com) a filename list for the images the team should use as reference only. 

You can also send those reference images separately in a sharable link (Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc) instead.

We just require a way for the team to know which images need to be edited and which are to be used as reference. 

On your order form you can still mark the below selection:


  • In the special instructions box/describe work box on your order form please state the image filenames the team should use as reference and/or support. If you already submitted the order form but forgot to list the reference/support images you can email reply to the order confirmation email providing this information.